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We would like to offer you services in which we, as a long-time partners mainly in the automotive industry gained much experience and practice in all areas required by the customer.
We have fully experienced quality auditors covering all three shifts, whose priority is to do their best service to our customers. We have experience mainly with plastics, castings, stampings, rubber, glass, PCB, surface machining and assembly. If you need to process only one individual suspected batch, our inspectors can provide support with visual and dimensional inspection. We may also make written or photographic work instructions, if not available from our customers. Client-specific reports are available for all projects. All work instructions are approved before start of work.

We offer :
Sorting – sorting and classification of components which does not meet customer requirements
Rework – rework of non conform parts according to customer requirements
Quality control – preventive control of products according to customer's  specifications
Securization - 100% control of components
Preassembly, Production – assembly of semi finished products or / and units
Packaging, Labelling – inspection of components, parts labeling and packaging
Incoming inspection – preventive control of incoming components
Maintenance of returnable packaging – cleaning, washing, storing, distributing, sticking labels
Logistic – transport of componets or finished goods according to customer requirements
Reporting - documentation of the number of items processed in the project, non-conform parts, times of operations etc. all reported on the web on line communication
Re-billing/Charge back - reinvoicing of costs to your suppliers
Verification of specific dimensions and / or materials on the product and record the results
Creation of work instructions  (according to standard of a customer or ASPO CZ  )
Training - training of operators, strong follow up of operators, control for performance and standards which are set prior to inspection
Unified and standardized equipment of OSH requirements - corporate clothing: coats, shoes, t-shirts all the ESD.

Why to choose us for sorting and inspection :
- We offer our service complete – sorting, rework, control, assembly, production, reporting
- 10 years of experience in the automotive filed
- We dispose with wide basement of operators ready for 3 shifts work
- Our standart is to always have a clear documentation and history of each work order
- We have agreed liability insurance up to CZK 15 million / 600 K EUR
- Upon the customer request we react and act within 2 hours
- We provide services that meet or exceed our custome

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