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ASPO CZ s.r.o. Company History 2002–2012

In the past, the area surrounding Rakovník lacked a sheltered workshop that would give the region's more than 400 unemployed handicapped people a chance to return to work. The first sheltered workshop was opened at the beginning of 2002 by ASPO, a company set up by Milena Círová to create employment opportunities for and to give a chance to join active life to persons suffering from various disabilities who face numerous hurdles in finding a job due to their medical condition, as their handicaps often prevent them from succeeding in the highly competitive conditions of the labor market. Since these workers perform simple handiwork, the employment of handicapped persons in a sheltered workshop mostly has a social function; for understandable reasons, the economic benefits are negligible. The bulk of work done by the sheltered workshop consisted of orders, where customers supplied materials and tools and ASPO's employees provided the necessary labor. As the company grew and the number of domestic orders increased, contracts for foreign clients began to trickle in, especially after the Czech Republic joined the EU in 2004.

In response to the rapidly growing number of customers, the company was forced to look for larger premises in 2006. In the same year, the owner transferred the firm's management to her sons who transformed the company into ASPO CZ s.r.o. A new space was found in the municipality of Huřviny on the outskirts of the former Royal Borough of Rakovník. The facility was reconstructed to create new production and storage areas, a loading bay, a yard, and two spacious offices.

As time went on, the space became too small once again, prompting the firm to lease a property inside the Rakovník Hospital complex, where a pleasant working environment was created for ASPO's handicapped and disabled employees. The facility featured a large storage space with a loading bay. In 2006, ASPO CZ s.r.o. received an ISO 9001:2000 quality management certificate from MOODY International Certification Ltd. The certificate is renewed on an annual basis (currently ISO 9001:2008). Together with the transformation of ASPA to a limited liability company, the newly created ASPO CZ s.r.o. began performing sorting, rework, component inspection, and supervision tasks for VALEO AUTOKLIMATIZACE s.r.o. After a final inspection carried out by ASPO CZ s.r.o., the firm's components are shipped to various locations worldwide.

ASPO CZ s.r.o. leased an additional space in the complex of ELEKTRO EDISON CZ s.r.o. to run a servicing center for warranty and after-warranty repairs of hand tools, domestic appliances, flow heaters, and various other electric devices. (ETA, TATRAMAT, AEG, ELECTROLUX, BOSCH, NAREX, PROTOOL, MIRAVA, MORA, ISOLIT-BRAVO, UFESA, etc.).

In 2008, most of the firm's operations were transferred to a family-run facility in the TOS complex, where simple handiwork is performed in various areas (sorting, rework, quality check, calibration, refurbishment, securitization, pre-assembly, manufacture, packing, labeling, entry-exit check, box cleaning, material sorting, cutting, etc..). During 2011 and 2012, this facility underwent reconstruction aimed at improving the company's logistics and storage operations.

Since its founding, ASPO CZ s.r.o. has always employed general, manufacturing, and servicing programs suitable for disable persons who account for over 60% employees. This way, the company continues to meet subsidy requirements.

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